JSPO Sports Dietitians

What is JAPO Sports Dietitian

 JSPO Sports Dietitian is accredited from both Japan Sports Association (JSPO) and the Japan Dietetic Association (JDA). JSNA proceed accreditation course and renewal credit course for JSPO Sports Dietitian.
 There is an increased need of nutritional support for athletic individuals/associations which is education for athletes, and the provision of a qualified dietary environment. These supports are required by athletes, junior sports players, and also people who play sports for health promotion.
 All athletes should be provided qualified nutritional practice at their teams or organizations. It is necessary to ensure cooperation of dietitian with their coaches, trainers, sports doctors, and those of other professionals including exercise physiology, biomechanics, and sports psychology. JSPO Sports dietitians accredited by both the Japan Dietetic Association (JDA) and Japan Sports Association (JSPO) supports all individuals who needs qualified nutritional supports.

Activities of Sports Dietitians

Sports dietitians' major workplaces

374 JSPO sports dietitians are working as of October 2019.
The following data are the results of the survey for JSPO Sports Dietitian (147 dietitians answered)

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Application of accreditation

  •  Mainly working as an accredited JSPO Sports Dietitian (n=77 [52.4%])
  •  Mostly working as an accredited JSPO Sports Dietitian (n=57 [38.8%])
  •  Not working as an accredited JSPO Sports Dietitian (n=13 [8.8%])

91.2% of JSPO Sports Dietitians are working mostly or partly as an accredited dietitian. Accreditation of JSPO Sports Dietitian will widen your possibility of activity. Thus, certified sports dietitians can demonstrate their skills in various professional fields.
JSPO sports dietitians’ state of using their qualification (n=147)

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